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Poetry & Lyrics 2003

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Dig Your Own Whole©

by Khanåda - Aug, 1997 (Rev. July 2003)

Get used to it
It’s ground in deep
sealed with hollow promises
They hold you there
Those tiny diamonds
Hewn from cold stone
In a storm of ice
while you in your greed
still playing to your "freedom"
bound by empty lust
gorging on strangers
you are the magnet
for such that is undesirable
years spent in release for depravity

dig the emptiness
dig the pain
dig the lies
dig the fame

tired and spent
you don’t look happy
you yearn to keep up
damned to give up
damned to change anything
completely lost yourself
refusing to see it like it is
destined for oblivion
holding to a dream
why do you cling to me
do you think I belong with you
when I'm not what you want
you are more than you show the world
you are the product of your own way

change is your only hope
change is the only way...

dig the emptiness
dig the pain
dig the lies
dig the fame
Dig it babe, Dig Your Own Whole…

dig rejection
dig disdain
dig reflection
dig the fame
Dig it babe, Dig Your Own Whole...


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Awake Now©

by Khanåda - July 25, 2003

I’m awake now
Dazed but getting clearer
What has gone before
Leaves me in wonder
Who have I become
I am feeling so free
This is no time
to cower in embarrassment
This is my freedom
This is my future
And blackened leaves
That looked so bleak in the dark
Are now a brilliant green

Like a whisper
sometimes it returns
shaking a habit
isn’t always easy
but I’m reminded
you are not here
this is not what you want
and my resolution is now
I do not want it either
there is no reason to hurt
no reason to fear
no tears to cry
this is simply Goodbye.


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by Khanåda - Mar. 14, 2003

You were my perfect one
if I never wanted love
You were the man for me
if I wanted to be alone
You were my soul mate
who abandoned me for lust

is the easiest answer
encompasses all you ever felt for me
holds all of my doubts within it
speaks only the truth
holds me in it's cold embrace
spread my wings so that I may fly
answers the cries of my heart, and leaves me bleeding
is the essence of you inside of me
is the author and the finisher of all my love
is the only truth to ever leave your lips
overshadowed us from the beginning
has finally awakened me from the dream...


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Alright in the End©

by Khanåda - Aug. 2003

Who are you?
I don't know you, with your attitude and your gluttony
and it hurts me to worry for you
for too many years I’ve been in the dark
dreaming dreams that you were something you are not
now as dawn is breaking and all comes to light
I know what I could never admit
that you are lost and I am found
I can let go of the night and soak in the morning
no more misery, loneliness and heartache
my heart should never have ached for you
for we were never meant to be
this is the end
and everything will be alright...


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Journey Home©

by Khanåda - Aug. 22, 2003

There was, in my past, a road stretching long and promising
This was the road to my love, my life - or at least it seemed so
I followed what looked like the brightest, straightest path
There seemed to be light there, but as I walked, I was shrouded in darkness
Slowly the path vanished and I began to make my own
But there was trouble beating it out
And all I wanted was to return to where I started
Well I don’t give up easily so I dared to stick it out
And found to my dismay that I was completely lost
There was no chance of finding my way back
I no longer trusted myself
The guiding force that had led me all my life
left me the moment I decided to make my own path
But what was I to do since the original path had vanished
This wilderness is so dark and strange
I find some souls that are friendly
Others that are dangerous, like nothing I’ve ever encountered before
I wanted to have a love filled with my greatest desires, doesn’t everyone?
But oh, how naive that sounds to me now
It’s cold here, quiet, crowded, lonely and dark…so dark
Whenever I try to find a way out, or make a path, I get more lost
And I realize, as everything around me moves in a kaleidoscope fashion
That I have never been loved
In all of my outpouring all I’ve ever received was rejection
But this new me, the me that has had to adapt here, is closed
I must protect myself
I must care for myself, no one is here to help me
No one is here for me to lean on
I am in control, I am at the mercy of this place
How should I proceed and will I ever feel like I belong
I believe I will grow old here
And so I am resolved, I will make my life here
Make the best of what I have and find happiness on my own
This is my home, this is my home, this is my home…


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Equasion Does Not Compute©

by Khanåda - Sept. 16, 2003

No matter how I see it
no matter the angle
the direction
the perspective
if I was what you wanted
you would be with me

I just can't understand why
why you would cry
why the words
why the song
why you say you ached for me
for so very long
when you never intended to be with me
never intended to follow through

I can't work our the equasion
can't resolve the issue
can't solve the problem
because the bottom line
the ultimate resolution
the final answer is
if you had really wanted me
we would be together


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All works included herein are copyright© Khanada Marlene Taylor©. Any reproduction without express permission from the author will be treated as theft and dealt with accordingly.