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Poetry& Lyrics 1995

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All About You©

by Khanåda - Jan. 1995

Something to say
‘cause I see the way
something I see
and it burns me
live that lie
let them die
take your share
never care
it’s all about you
it’s all about you
let it rot, let it burn
let the idiots have their turn
lt’s all about you
it’s all about you
beat them, hate them
shoot and kill them
evil is good and good is evil
dance your dance and play the fool
too stupid to see
it’s all about you
all about you…


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Safe To Say Goodbye©

by Khanåda - 1995

Somewhere deep in the crevices of my mind
nagging thoughts are crawling. Gnarled fingers and hollow eyes
seeking solace, searching for warmth, comfort and a place to rot
and mold to drive me insane. Wrinkled in rage, slowly the pain
steals me away. No time, no where was I ever
this way. I could feel the blackness fill my like smoke,
purple putrid and gray. Ravaged and sick I attempt to flee
but without light, without day.
Oh, in the light there is no fear, no despair in the day. to stand in the sun,
to drift through the shade, but for now the light strays away.
Make a path of nothing more than desire, nothing less than pain.
Sing the song of redeeming love if it's not too late. Wake in
trembling fear and sweat. Never trust him, never give him that.
Wait in the garden. When it's too late then it's safe
to say Goodbye...


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