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This site last updated 06/09/04

This web site is devoted to my collection of poetry and writing. Some poems are in lyric form, though there is no music written to accompany them. Actually, Medusa Smiling was almost a song during my short stint with a band back in 1994 but sadly the band dissolved and we never finished it.

My sister and I are writing a story based on a rock star of our own creation named Spanky (inspired by Ewan McGregor) and I have written some lyrics for him. It's a blast writing from a male point of view (especially for this very vibrant and hillarious character)! You can read them here: Lyrics For Spanky You can learn more about our inspiration for Spanky by visiting our Ewan McGregor web site,

I hope you enjoy your visit. Please don't hesitate to email me if you have any comments. And be sure to visit my other personal web sites.

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Directory of Poems

Grafik Illusion

You Are Confusion
Calling Calling
Chain of Past

Fools Rage
Near Dark

Lady Venus
Sadly Mistaken
Cry of the Banshee
Kamikaze Dream
Master of Destiny
Nickels & Dimes
Red Love
To Sacrifice My Feelings
Love Is
The Plot

All About You
Safe To say Goodbye

Another Me
Pale Blue Soul

Alone & Abandoned
If I'm Not Meant for You

The Weapon
Yes & No
Garden of Heart
Discontent of Days
Do You Now?
Extra! Extra!
I don't...
On High
September Rain
The Muse
Until December
Waiting for Nothing
Where You Belong
Which Feeling is Real
You Don't Know Me
Medusa Smiling

Dig Your Own Whole
Awake Now
Alright in the End
Journey Home
Equasion Does Not Compute

Don't Wake Me
No Sleep
I Took Your Picture

Lyrics For Spanky
Love Junky
Beat Me Sensible
Mr. Spanky's Wild Ride
Route 666 Kicks
Babes in Boyland
Sychic Psydkick

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