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Poetry & Lyrics 1992

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by Khanåda - Feb. 1992

Measure me, my soul
Desires flown away ~ lost
Peace, emptiness, death
I cannot decide
As I stretch to find
My way
Am I withered as a reed
The blood has left me
Like a fleeing child
And I lie here
Pondering my confusion
Resting in the sand
The snow
The surface
Floating in a sea of glass
As I stretch to find
My way~


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Fools Rage©

by  Khanåda - May 1992 (Rev:2001)

Turn the other cheek
And make a voice for yourself
Married to this feeling
Yet alone in your sanctuary
It’s bitter
Rage turns you to stone
And the party goes on until daylight
You’re never alone
Surrounded by faces of want and desire
This crack in your life
Heals slowly
Only to open again and again
Surrender for pain
Yet the rage goes on
And on
And on ~


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Near Dark©

by Khanåda - Winter 1992

Near dark the guest
At dawn the rest
And in HIS coffin lay
HIS body sleep
The guest in grief
The life HE shall betray
Tonight the kill
At dawn the thrill
And on the hill shall be
The body slain
In it’s disdain
It’s blood now course through HE


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