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Lyrics Written For Spanky

Spanky is based on a character we created for Ewan McGregor.
We have been working on the script for a few years now and
have also created a MiniEwan based on him. You can visit
our Spanky section by following the link below.

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Love Junky ©
by Khanåda for Spanky - July 2000

I'm your addict
gotta have it
flyin' high
by your side
take me on
blow my mind
I am yours
you are mine

Need that feeling
need the rush
got me high
with your touch
need perfection
my injection
take my hit
this is it...

Love Junky, Love Junky
got me trippin'
feelin' funky
Love Junky, Love Junky
can't get enough of you

Love Junky (in a daze)
Love Junky (in a haze)
Love Junky, Love Junky...


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Beat Me Sensible©

by Khanåda For Spanky - July 2000

Livin' in my little world
believe me baby
you're  my girl
Just can't get it
hit me again
one day, I swear
it will sink in

Honey, I'm you wippin' boy
though I'd rather be your toy
Beat me - Beat me
Beat me sensible
Beat me - Beat me
I'm not invincible

I've got a hard head
sometimes I know
you think it's dead
slow to understand
slow to change
pound it into me
I'll rearrange

Sorry love
I keep forgetting
Brace myself
for another whipping

Been a bad boy all my life
Make this bad boy get it right

Beat me - Beat me
Beat me sensible
Beat me - Beat me
I'm not invincible...


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Mr Spanky's Wild Ride©
by Khanåda for Spanky - July 2000

Hop on board baby

make yourself at home
take it off
and switch me on
you'll never be alone

Mr. Spanky's got your ticket
Ride with me you won't forget it
All those others
just won't cut it
The main attraction
You know I've got it

This rides on me baby
this aint no game
get me off, I'll turn you on
you'll never be the same

Mr. Spanky's got a big car
all those others
can't go that far
Ride with me
You'll be a star

Mr. Spanky's Wild Ride
step right up
you've gotta try

Mr. Spanky's Wild Ride
only for you
only tonight


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Route 666 Kicks©
by Khanåda for Spanky

Took a trip to see the world
Packed my life and my little girl
Lookin' for a party to lose my mind
Hallucination was all I could find

All the kids got their Trixx
Do the deed to be in the mixx
But if you're lookin' for a fixx
Route six-sixty-six kixx

Took a sec to clear my head
Seems I shoulda stayed in bed
Lawman gathered at the door
Party crawlers on the floor

Hit the streets to find my girl
Prettiest thing in the world
Pressed her burning lips to mine
Took be to the other side

All the girls got their tricks
Do the deed to get their fix
If you're lookin' for a place to mix
Route six-sixty-six kicks


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Babes in Boyland©
by Khanåda for Spanky - 2001

That girl's got me all tied up
and that one's got me high
baby looks me up and down
tells me I'm her guy

Make me shudder, make me shake
look out girls, Spanky's on the make

Josie's on the outside
now Trixy's up on top
Lana's got me on the floor
she begs me, boy don't stop

Babes in Boyland
oh yeah honey, this is love
Babes in Boyland, Babes in Boyland

This boy's got the magic touch
gonna make you feel alright
don't you dare get down now love
gonna keep you up all night


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Sychic Psydkick ©
by Khanåda for Spanky

Say, she knows what I'm thinking
Say, she  knows how I feel
and when my woman loves me
I know that it's for real

Got that instinct
reading my mind again
Sychic Psydkick
Tell my you're mine again

Hey, she knows just how to touch
Hey, she's got the knack
and when I'm feelin' anxious
she get's me back on track

Sychic Psydkick
reading my mind again
Got that instinct
Tell me you're mine again

Sychic Psydkick
read my mind
Sychic Psydkick
Say you're mine...


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All works included herein are copyright© Khanada Marlene Taylor©. Any reproduction without express permission from the author will be treated as theft and dealt with accordingly.