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Poetry & Lyrics 2000

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Alone and Abandoned©

by Khanåda - 2000

Wherever you are
in your own little world
you keep me
alone and abandoned
you sing of love
of sorrow, or pain
still you keep me
alone and abandoned
I say goodbye, I say hello
nothing changes
tomorrow and today
you will keep me
alone and abandoned
years go by
I don't know why - why I try
can't be your girl
can't share your world
you know what I'm good for
just keep me alone
alone and abandoned


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If I'm Not Meant for You©

by Khanåda - June 23, 2000

I am meant for no one
and no one is meant for me
always alone, again I've fallen
for someone else's Honey
Someday, maybe I'll find a love
and together we'll be happy
but not forever, just a taste
or how true love could be
soon he'll find his someone
and alone again I'll be
the girl who's meant for no one
with no one meant for me


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