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Poetry & Lyrics 1986

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You Are Confusion©

by Khanåda - Spring 1986

Around the underground through the
Tunnels of doubt and fear, I’ve seen the traces
Of your soul, stranded in out time, a hidden life a dark star.
Give me the answers, hold on to this hope, for me it stands
As my only life. Through rumors and past lives it lives only
To be a far destiny, please, don’t let it die, don’t watch me
Cry. A fabulous trance you’ve covered, a raging, gaping moon
Haunts out skies. Sharing the spirit with the fearful one, is she the one.
So fearful sot drawn you know you stand alone, but not forever, the
True heart, not forever……
So frightened so torn, always in another time, always in touch with
Another sound. I feel myself spinning spinning round and round and
Around. So sensual drives me wild so deep and tired tears me
Down. Fancy the fear dancing in falling tears spinning through passing years.
You scatter myself doesn’t matter the time. I need your help so powerful,
I’m torn to shreds. Miles or stretching roads what leads to insanity
I can see but never fear, never hear their screams never live their schemes…
Those falling   d


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Calling Calling©

by Khanåda - 1986

Standing in this raging fire
Unsure and mangled with the confusion of a dreaming mind
Around the turntable, oh so confused by your presence, is it there?
I want to be closer. Pull me to you. Tell me how.
It’s darker each time I try to predict.
With each thought do I decide my fate.
The answer alludes and may I never find it.
I’m wanting to be held by you.
Oh the fear of an embarrassing song.
The mistakes drawn on a frightened face.
A feeling drowning all questions at certain times.
Let me know, do I have to wait?
I need a feeling. I need you here.
An invisible touch, an impossible truth.
How obscure your voice, it’s questions growing as you sing.
Do you want me?
Was it a dream?
I find myself calling, calling, calling…
Don’t ask me how I dare…


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Chain of Past©

by Khanåda - 1986 (Rev. 2001)

Haunted in your blinding light
Drenched by tears from the sky
With your soul a constant fight
A growing, twisting, shattered why
Hold the tide, the powerful flow
Of oceans filled with our dreaded show
I’ll wait for you and never know
My dwindling hopes have grown so old

Link by link you’re taken down
Pulled apart and spread around
Those who broke your chain of past
Mourning of the pain of past

I found the circuit to your mind
Doors you thought you’d never find
Long lost roads twist and wind
Your heart’s so steep I have to climb
Left your secret curtains torn
Speak only truth and never scorn
My heart’s desire, she beats for you
Paint for me a dream come true

Link by link you're taken down
Ripped apart and spread around
Those who broke your chain of past
Mourning of the pain of past

Oh my love in your last days
Turn to me, just please say
‘I love you forever’ (love you forever)
and feed the burning desire…


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All works included herein are copyright© Khanada Marlene Taylor©. Any reproduction without express permission from the author will be treated as theft and dealt with accordingly.