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Y.E.S. is your source for the world's most specialized nutritional supplements.
Unsurpassed effectiveness and results you can really see and feel can be yours today.
We call our three nutritional supplements The Cure™.
Each product is fully backed up by established medical science – not opinion.

EFA Assistance™     Mineral Assistance™     Herbal Assistance™

The "Cure" for The Most Important Nutritional Deficiencies!

"If you demand excellence in your nutritional supplements, you've come to the right place. When you choose supplements based on Y.E.S. (Your Essential Supplements) technology, you obtain an unsurpassed level of excellence. Each Y.E.S. product is based on state-of-the-art science. Each product is far superior to other products that you might consider "comparable." Y.E.S. supplements are in a "league of their own."

The ingredients used in our products are pure, unadulterated, organically certified and/or wild-crafted (grown and processed without chemicals). No harmful additives are ever used. Each product is uniquely formulated to assure maximum utilization by the body. Y.E.S. is the world-leader in science-based nutritional supplements. Finding manufacturers to produce each product to the proper specifications is difficult, and we successfully met that challenge. For example, our minerals had to be "truly chelated", meaning naturally bonded (chemically reacted) to amino acids, so that your body would utilize them to their fullest extent, just as they are found in food. Contrary to popular belief and extensive advertising, no extra calcium is required (Textbook of Medical Physiology). Y.E.S. supplements provide you with exactly what your body requires. We do not formulate our products based on popular opinion.

Our natural oil supplement containing EFAs, requires the proper ratio of "parent" omega 3 and omega 6. Our herbal supplement requires the exact balance of the proper cleansing, yet non-stimulating and non-irritating herbs, that can be safely taken every day, from the world's most pristine areas and in their most natural and effective form. Our products were initially developed for personal use by the Cure's™ creator. All of us here at Y.E.S. take them every day! The next step was to make them available to others. Thousands of people around the world now benefit.

We sincerely hope you will realize the quality and importance of what you've found here! We are passionate about what we have to offer you. All of us at Y.E.S. truly believe in these extraordinary products and have used them consistently for years. So do many of our loved ones, friends, and relatives. Our enthusiasm is genuine. We have seen the benefits ourselves, as have others around the world, and we are zealous in our desire for you to benefit as well!

The success of so many extraordinary real-life results tell the story. Because of the scientific foundation behind the development of these products, they are truly in a "league of their own." We can confidently say that these are the most nutritionally advanced supplements in the world.

Ask yourself; how valuable is your health? Utilizing our products, you will probably notice that you'll spend less money on groceries and snacks, and this savings will provide you with the money needed to easily bring these exceptional products into your daily nutritional regimen. By spending less than the cost of a couple of dinners in a nice restaurant, you can afford to have the very best in daily vital nutrients.


The Y.E.S. Family