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A Low Carbohydrate Diet is NOT Low Calorie!
“Low carb” eating actually contains MANY MORE CALORIES!

You may have heard the opinion that a low carb diet works because it’s also low calorie. Nothing can be further from the truth. Below is a list of some low fat foods and low carb replacements. Check out the total calories at the bottom! Remember that every 5 grams of carbs equals 1 teaspoon of sugar. By this you’ll see that it’s the sugar that counts, not the calories. If it were due to calories, no one could possibly lose any weight on a low carb diet.

Low Fat Milk 8oz 120 14 Heavy Cream 4oz 200 0
No Fat Yogurt 8oz 140 18 Full Fat Plain Yogurt 8oz 170 12
Low Fat Margarine 1Tbs 50 0 Butter 1Tbs 100 0
Tofu (soft) 3oz 45 4 Steak (not lean) 3oz 250 0
Miso 5oz 280 39 Chicken (with skin) leg/thigh 265 0
Tempeh 3oz 170 14 Pork (not lean) 3oz 250 0
Rice Cake (Plain) 1 35 8 Bacon (not lean) 12oz 60 0
Egg Substitute 1 cup 30 1 Eggs (large) 2oz 140 0
Lt. American Cheese 1oz 70 1 Full Fat Cheese 1oz 110 0
Low Fat Cottage Cheese 1oz 20 1 Regular Cottage Cheese 1oz 30 1
Lite Cream Cheese 1oz 70 2 Whole Cream Cheese 1oz 100 1
Low Fat Ranch 2lbs 90 3 Regular Mayonnaise 2Tbs 200 0
Bran Flakes 1oz 90 21 Scrambled Eggs 2Lg 140 0
Low /Fat Potato Chips 1oz 110 23 Mixed Nuts 1oz 170 6
Low Fat Ice Cream 3oz 90 17 *Home Made Ice Cream 3oz 150 5
Baked Potato (plain) Med 145 30 Baked Potato (Plain) half 73 15
Beans (starchy) 1oz 35 7 Green Beans 1oz 10 2
Corn 1.5oz 35 7 Spinach 3oz 20 4
Totals   1,625 210     2,438 46

Note: The “Low-Carb” plan has 813 more calories per day (5,000+ MORE CALORIES PER WEEK) but only 22% of the carbohydrates. It is the lack of carbohydrates (sugar) that results in weight loss.

Nutrition: A low calorie diet lacks greatly in essential nutrients. A low carbohydrate diet (higher in fat and B vitamins) provides more of these essential nutrients. The consumption of important natural fats (including Saturated fats) is vital for optimal health. The altered, processed, and artificial fats (trans fats) pervading a low calorie diet are extremely dangerous to your health. They deprive your body of important nutrients which will hasten degenerative health and lower disease protection. These artificial fats, along with artificial sweeteners, and highly processed foods can actually create a disease state “welcoming” cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and more!

Vegetables do not provide the vitamins and minerals we need to be healthy because these nutrients are locked in the cellulose (plant fiber), which is not digestible by humans. Cellulose can only be broken down by an herbivore like a cow or goat. Cellulose is technically termed a phytate in the medical biochemistry textbooks. Phytates are dangerous because they deplete essential minerals. We are designed by Mother Nature to get our minerals (and many of our vitamins – especially the B vitamins) from the animal that ate the plant. A typical low carb diet contains only a small serving (or 2) a day of low carb vegetables. Cutting down on starchy vegetables that contain high levels of carbohydrates will greatly reduce sugar intake. It is important to remember that calorie-filled natural fats are encouraged when eating low carb. This is precisely why a low carb diet is not low calorie as the chart clearly shows!

*The Home Made Ice Cream recipe consists of heavy whipping cream, vanilla, 1 teaspoon of sugar per 3oz serving and Stevia to enhance the sugar’s sweetness. The amount of Stevia added depends on your own personal taste. If fruit, chocolate or other flavor is added, the calorie and carb count will need to be adjusted.


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