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: (see Pancreas)
Irradiated Food

: (also see Heart Disease or Essential Fatty Acids)
Innuit (Eskimos) and Okinawans, with diets high in unadulterated fatty acids from fish and unprocessed meat, have very low incidence of atherosclerosis and heart disease. Reference: Stefansson and Anderson Study of Innuits: 1929-1930, 2002 EFA Conference.
Insulin: (see Pancreas and Cholesterol)

Carbohydrates cause insulin levels to reach 10-15 times normal and stay elevated for 2-3 hours. Reference: Textbook of Medical Physiology, pg. 977, Arthur C. Guyton, John E. Hall, W B Saunders Co., January 15, 1996, ISBN: 0721659446.

Insulin production, a response to consuming carbohydrate, raises cholesterol levels. Reference: Basic Medical Biochemistry, pgs: 475, 566.

Elevated insulin [generated from eating ] causes blood clotting, which blocks arteries. Reference: Journal of American Medical Association; 2000; 283:221-228.

A diet high in led to impaired glycemic and insulin responses. Reference: American Journal of Clinical Nutrition: “Fats and Oils Consumption in Health and Disease,” Oct. 1997, 66: 4(S), pgs. 991S-997S.
Irradiated Food:
The technical name for irradiated food is radiometric. It isn’t radioactive. This doesn’t necessarily mean it’s safe. Irradiation extends a food’s shelf life by killing all living organisms. This includes Vitamins:, friendly bacteria, and important Enzymes: But if the food is already a bit spoiled then irradiation actually increases the spoilage. Reference: Long Quest for Safer Food Revisits Radiation Method, Gina Kolata, The New York Times, 12/4/97, p. 1.


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